About Us

We’re a couple of gainfully employed, well educated, responsible adults with great credit. We’re looking to buy a house after living out of boxes for two years.

The problem: Bank of America won’t work to close our 203k loan.

After attempts to appeal to our loan officers, sellers, and realtors for help with no response or results, we’ve decided to go viral. Help us close this loan.

In a lagging global economy, we think that good people with good credit and good jobs shouldn’t have trouble closing a loan. We think that the bank should provide us with good service and results in exchange for our business.

Bank of America, show us that we shouldn’t move to a credit union. Show us that you care about your customers. Show us that you want our business.


1 thought on “About Us

  1. My husband & I are sellers & are in mortgage hell right now thanks to Bank of America. We signed a contract with the buyer on August 17th. After multiple delays, our closing was set for October 25th – unfortunately, Sandy arrived in Connecticut on October 24th. BofA required that we have the house reinspected. They sent their inspector on October 27th. The house was undamaged and, in fact, never lost power throughout the storm. Now, we can’t close because, according to Bank of America, the house was inspected while “the storm was still ongoing”. Everyone acknowledges that Sandy had moved out of Connecticut, but still, the policy exists. Bank of America is trying to get their outside inspection company to put some language in the report stating this, but the inspection company refuses. Our buyer’s mortgage rate runs on on November 16th.

    I have lost all hope that we will every close. All this over a $170,000 mortgage – an amount that is nothing to Bank of America, but which may ruin our family.

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