What We Want

A big thanks to our friends, family, and friends of friends and family that tweeted, shared the video, and shared this blog.

We closed our loan on our 4th scheduled closing date, 12/16/11 at 4:00pm.  Bank of America agreed to pay for our per diem charges.

Also, thank you to those Bank of America employees – especially ^ek at the Social Media Services team for her quick response and follow up on our claims.

We’re glad it’s over and that our garden gnome will finally have a home.

We are asking that Bank of America contact us at closeourloan@gmail.com. We are approaching our 4th closing date on our 203k FHA home loan. As of 12/13/11, we have been attempting to buy this home for 76 days.

We are asking for an internal Bank of America advocate to take control of this process and close our loan.

We have had two Bank of America employees quit during the course of our loan. E-mail and phone messages continue to go unanswered. Seller now charging per diem for multiple Bank of America delays.

Click here for full timeline of delays and negligence.